The Best Diets to Keep You Looking Younger

Eating right is one of the best ways to improve your appearance and maintain your youthful vigor. The right diet can help you keep your skin looking young by including the right nutrients, improving your blood pH level, and providing antioxidants to fight free radicals. What are some of the best diets for fighting aging? Here are a few suggestions. The Mediterranean diet is a great way to go if you want youthful skin. Haven't you noticed that people from Italy, Greece, and other Mediterranean areas often age quite gracefully? Diet is the key. It's not a fat-free diet. It just involves limiting fats to the healthier fats found in olive oil and nuts. You can still enjoy small portions of meat with your meals, and fish is highly recommended. Just be sure to keep your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables high. Delicious salads, grilled meats, and treats like olives and seafood make this diet both tasty and healthy. An alkaline diet is another one that is beneficial for your skin. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables while staying away from white sugar, processed flour and artificial sweeteners will keep your blood pH just over neutral where it is supposed to be. If your blood is on the acidic side, maintain an 80/20 split of alkaline to acid-forming foods until you can get it where it needs to be. The RealAge diet is another that focuses on fruits and vegetables; but, it adds grains and soy into the mix. In the meantime, you will avoid foods that have a high glycemic index and ones that are high in trans fats. This diet is outlined thoroughly in a book written by the diet's creator, Dr. Michael Roizen. Of course, since things like wine and other treats are allowed on the diet, Dr. Roizen considers his suggestions to be more of an anti diet. It's for health, not weight loss. It's one of those rare diets that actually allows you to enjoy eating. The Origin diet tries to take us back to our roots. How did man eat back in the stone age? They certainly never had anything that was processed. That's the take here. Eating lots of whole grain foods along with exercise are key components of the diet. Daily recommendations include starchy vegetables (like corn and potatoes) and calcium-rich foods. You won't be dropping by a burger joint on the way home from work with this diet. Fast food, processed foods, and dairy products that are not reduced fat are not included. Finally, let's consider the Eat Right, Live Longer diet. This is basically a vegan diet. You sacrifice meats, dairy, caffeine, and other foods you may love for the sake of health and beauty. Raw, organic fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides are all that is on the menu besides whole grains. It's a big commitment; but, it loads up your body with antioxidants and the vitamins and minerals you need to look and feel young.


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